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The Men who made us Fat, then Thin and then Fat again


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If you haven't yet seen the series The Men Who Made Us Thin which is a follow on from The Men Who Made Us Fat, it's worth taking a look. Note often these are the same companies….

When I first realised over eight years ago that the food industry is an industry that is driven by profits and that it pursues relentlessly profits regardless of the cost to the individual and society, I was stunned. It totally threw everything I had believed until that point on it's head. This is when I discovered Health at Every Size® or HAES® and it offered a common sense and meaningful way to focus on health rather than to conform to some marketing driven construct of health and that excited me. 

Watching the series it begins to explore the ideas that many who follow a HAES® approach already know, especially DIETS DON'T WORK. It makes the point in no uncertain terms that weight loss is NOT POSSIBLE long term for the majority. No ifs, buts or exceptions and anyone telling you otherwise better have some good solid 5 year data to back up their claims. On that note one person is not data. We need data that shows their method is achievable by the majority not just them. The it worked for me mantra is a sales pitch but it's not data and they are not representative of all of us. Also important to note is that failing to achieve weight loss is NOT your fault and it certainly isn't some moral failing that you must apologise and beat yourself up about. You are normal and basically your body is doing what it has evolved to do and it does it well. Thank your body and instead tell the marketers to shove their misleading message. 

Let's be clear it doesn't matter if you try diet, exercise or diet and exercise the reality is that inevitably the weight returns and to continually die-t which is called yoyoing can be far more deterimental to health than maintaining your weight in the healthiest manner possible for you. There is also no moral obligation that requires any of us to seek health which is another issue entirely. 

However, the point that wasn't made as clearly in this series was that choosing to improve your health by what you eat, how you eat and moving your body will improve your health regardless of what happens to our body. Choosing to be healthy regardless of a number on a scale is the real prize. Improving our health means we have more energy, our bodies have less pain, our minds are sharper, our moods more consistent, we have less digestive issues, clearer skin, hair and eyes, our sleep improves, we may need less medication, our biomarkers of health improve etc etc. These are the things that make sense from a health perspective. And again there is no moral requirement that any of us must seek after these things. 

So when you're ready to break free from the illusions, the lies and the manipulation and embrace your own kind of health then check out Health at Every Size®. If you would like help getting started please do get in touch to see if one-on-one coaching or the group sessions would be helpful in your health journey. 



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