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Counselling, Coaching, Training what is the difference? Or is there even a difference?

There is for sure a difference and each one is useful at different times.


Let's start with counselling. Counselling as defined by the governing body looks something like this:

It's a wordy and detailed overview so put simply is that having someone to talk through emotional and difficult experiences. Counselling can be useful in gaining understanding of one's self and situation, it provides support and also validation while dealing with the issues. There are times when counselling is the most appropriate therapy such as grief, trauma, mental illness and family issues. A skilled counsellor has an understanding of the theories and modalities that can be applied in a therapeutic environment. A good counsellor is impartial and non judgement and guides the client through at their own pace.

I will work with individuals who are struggling to move through emotional challenges and problems. However complex issues will be referred to a suitable experienced practitioner.


Coaching is about getting results, a good coach is supportive and motivating. A good coach will be able to challenge and push you to achieve the results you want. They are able to discern the tweaks that are needed in thinking and behaviour to improve performance and outcomes. Think of a sporting team, the coach will push their charge/s to excellence and it there on the sidelines yelling out instructions. Left to our own devices we may struggle and drift about and fail to achieve much at all. Taking on a coach we have far more structure along with accountability which means the results are achieved quicker. Coaches can see our potential and work with us to bring that potential into being. While working with a coach emotional issues may come to the surface from time to time, the self doubts, the memories, strong emotions like anger or grief, a good coach will recognise this is outside of their scope and would refer you for some counselling in order to move to the next stage.

As a coach I can utilise my various training in coaching, performance, NLP to help you to become your best self. There will be tough questions and boundaries in this process because without that level of commitment and accountability it means we both will not be giving ourselves the best chance of success.

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