Come Home to Your Body
Women's Day Retreat in beautiful Mandurah. 

Relax. Connect. Nourish. Renew. Play. Share. Meditate. Learn. Reflect. Move. Eat. Laugh and Breathe.

This retreat is perfect for the woman who is:

  • looking after everyone else and neglecting her own needs.
  • wanting to reconnect to her soul.
  • struggling leaving her work at work.
  • knows she draws strength from the energy of other women.
  • needing to reflect on ideas or opportunities.
  • after some time in the company of other women.
  • longing for a break but can’t afford the time for a holiday.

Your hosts for your day are Chandrika from Surya Health and Kerry from HAES Health. And we want you to know that this day is all about you and all for you! 

Being busy women ourselves, finding time for a break among all the other responsiblities and demands we have can seem impossible. A retreat always sounds so wonderful but rarely fits our life, budget or schedule. So we knew that despite the lack of time, we all have this oft-overlooked need to take time out and bring us back into our body and mind. Taking time out, builds our individual resilience, but most importantly allows for the time and space we need to reconnect to our body, mind, heart and purpose. The health benefits of self-care and self-compassion are profound and combined with the benefits of connecting with others is what this day is about. Building and tuning-up our body wisdom is protective and allows us to be better able to fullfil our many roles and importantly find more joy in them. This is perfect for any woman regardless of your age or stage, level of fitness or health. This a judgement free, supportive, inclusive space. All activities are designed to fit you, where you are at and the goals and needs you have. 

This is day to focus entirely on you in a supportive, relaxing and beautful environment with other women. On offer during the day is yoga, meditation, conversation, self-care, pampering, fun, creativity and time to just be in nature. The day is structured in such a way that the flow is gentle and nuturing and not rushed to enable to you feel relaxed and recharged. You can choose to immerse yourself in as much of each activity as you choose. Throughout the day you will have access to nourishing and tasty food, refreshing hot and cold drinks along with sessions in yoga, meditation, body-image, self-compassion, mindfulness, creativity and a gift bag of goodies and resources . There will be opportunities to add in body pampering options such as massage (extra). Your day will conclude with a beautiful beach walk, a refreshing drink and a swim if you choose, so do bring your bathers.Date: Saturday February 10, 2018
Time: 9:00 am start with drinks and walk on the beach from 6:00pm 
Venue: Mandurah
Inclusions: All materials, lunch, snacks, water, tea, coffee, gift bag

 Individual $170 

 Couple $330 

 Group of 3 $450 

 Group of 4 $600 

For more information contact: Kerry via email 

Places are limited! Bookings are confirmed when paid in full. 

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