I've just signed up to do this online course because one thing I now recognise as a practitioner is that I often overlook my own self care and having someone guiding and providing this structure is really helpful. 

So if you would like to join me there is 25% off all programs for 48 hours only. JOIN NOW using the DISCOUNT CODE PEACE25OFF at

Sarah from Fat Yoga Australia and Body Positive Australia combines her expertise in counselling with her passion for yoga to help us reconnect and discover our own body peace through videos, blogs, handouts and reflective practice. 

What I'm loving about this after listening to just the first session is that it truly does feel that Sarah is talking to me. It's my very own session and it's all about me and what I need. It's also at a pace that works for me and where I'm at. This is unusual for an online program which can often feel prescriptive and generic. This is incredible value in my opinion to enjoy both yoga classes and counselling sessions especially for anyone who is time challenged. 

Even though I do this work with and for others, it's really different to be able to experience this as a client. I'm setting aside time morning and evenings to listen,reflect and practice the learnings and some yoga. Thank you Sarah for this xxx