Build a personal ‘food wardrobe’ (don’t buy another diet)

Choosing what to wear is personal, depends on occasion, preferences & budget, choosing food is the same.
Qualified advice can save you time, money, your health & probably your sanity.

Have you ever been on diet? Maybe more than one? 

Have you ever been given advice on what to eat or what not to eat? And right after you found a health professional, celebrity or news headline that said something completely different? Aaargh why is it so confusing?!!! Did you find it difficult to stick with  those recommendations or maybe they caused you problems or broke the bank? Have your ever felt bad or guilty that you couldn’t keep going? Have you ever felt like a failure when it comes to diets?

Just for a moment take a deep breathe and NOW RELAX I want you to know you are not alone. 

Choosing what to eat is actually so much more complex and personal than any diet promoter will admit,
or that can be captured in a news headline or that some health professionals may even realise.
And importantly you are by no means a failure or a problem.

The real truth is there is no single diet that will or does suit everyone all the time. Just like there is no single style or item of clothing that will and does suit everyone all the time. For a start, in case it’s not obvious, we come in all shapes and sizes, we live in different climates and we do different things at different times and surprisingly not everyone likes the colour pink! I know right, crazy pink is a great colour I think! Anyway this is diversity and it’s normal. 

So now what? How then do we navigate this constant stream of advice, opinions and ideas.
Can we trust professionals and if so who? And importantly how?

Let’s just imagine for a moment that choosing food is like choosing clothing…

Think about it, we don’t wear the same size we did when we were children and for some of us thankfully those fashions no longer exist!

We don't wear the same thing in summer at the beach that we would if we were practising ballet or going skiing. It’s unlikely we will wear our cocktail outfit to bed every night – although we could if we wanted to. And wearing pyjamas out shopping is less likely as an adult. 

We all have those favourite items we wear all the time, they are so comfortable and familiar. But just maybe they have begun to wear out, or don’t quite fit as well as they used to. That swimsuit from last season has lost it’s shape thanks to the chlorine from the pool. Or maybe our favourite white shirt has some stains that just won’t wash out (or is that just me?). We might want a new outfit to wear to a formal wedding that’s coming up. Also fashion changes, what we like can also change, the seasons change, or you get a new job and you need to wear a uniform and steel cap boots instead of a business suit.

So yes it’s familiar to all of us – the need from time to time to purchase new clothing. Whether it is to for a one-off event, a for a specific purpose like work or sport, or because our taste has changed or to replace worn-out items. It’s also ok if you don’t have a reason, ‘just because’ works too! 

Going out shopping for clothes can be as daunting as choosing what to eat for some of us. Others love any and every opportunity to clothes shop just like there are those that love to taste new cuisines, foods or recipes. Some of us prefer function and comfort over fashion while others love the adventure and creativity of mixing and matching clothing, accessories in the same way you you can mix foods and flavours depending on the situation or mood.

We need to appreciate we have different budgets that can and do impact our accessibility and choice of both clothing and food. So despite yearning for that designer label outfit or to eat at a Michelin 5 Star Restaurant we may not always be able to afford or access exactly what we want every time as other priorities often come first. 

So how on earth do we choose what to buy then?

We can choose to stick with what we know and what's comfortable even if it doesn't quite fit us anymore, we can take recommendations from friends, spend hours on Pinterest or Instagram, read a blog or news headine for example or we can seek out help from a professional.

When we go shopping for clothes we find sales assistants. We may have this love hate relationship with sales people, and I'm sure we've all had experience of sale people who are so pushy and desperate for a big commission, while others have no clue and are really unhelpful. Either way we usually don’t end up with something we are happy with, doesn't quite fit and we were convinced to buy, we may spend too much or we don't get what we went shopping for and have to do it all over again!

Yet there are those amazing sales assistants who love fashion, they love and get excited helping people find just the right outfit for them. They are a wealth of information because they have immersed themselves in the fashion world, they keep up-to-date with trends and styles. They seem like magicians and can create a wardrobe or outfit to suit any budget from the hundreds of endless options that can overwhelm many of us. These are true assistants, the ones that make the daunting and confusing into an experience. You don’t get home consumed with buyers remorse and you leave the store feeling better about yourself not worse. These are experts because their passion and focus is helping you. They don’t judge you or push you to buy what you don't need. They are ok just suggesting updating your top or buying some new accessories rather than a whole new outfit. 

A big part of shopping for the right clothes or shoes is trying them on. Checking for fit, comfort, does it pull or pinch, does the material scratch or fall just right, does it match anything we already have or do we need to buy more pieces to be able to wear it, how will it wash? Good stylists encourage you to notice all these things, they offer feedback based on their experience and narrow the choices down for you. They are excited to help you find what suits you in the colours and fabrics you like. You don’t walk out looking like a clone of them and you don't have to take their advice. And even if you and your friends go shopping together and want to buy something similar for the same event, chances are you won't buy the same thing, or you might choose a different colour, or buy the top not the bottom or will add different accessories or shoes or wear your hair differently. You will develop your own style, one that is fit for your purpose and is workable for you. 

Can you appreciate that a choosing an outfit with a good stylist 
is not much different to the way a good nutrition professional works? 

A good nutrition professional can be considered your personal diet (as in how you eat not the restrictive weight focused fads) stylist. The good nutrition professional brings their training, their knowledge, their skills and experience and most of all their passion to thelp you discover your own proverbial ‘food wardrobe’. These amazing passionate nutrition professionals know there is no single diet let alone secret, detox, superfood, pill, potion or program that works for everyone across every situation across the whole of their life.

The good nutrition professional:

  • Will show respect and not seek to make you a clone of them, expecting you to eat, shop, cook and love what they do.
  • They will take note of you, the person, your needs, your preferences while considering your capacity and your goals.
  • They keep up-to-date with all things food and nutrition and science. Some may be specialists in particular areas of health such as pregnancy or allergies just like you might find a stylist that specialises in underwear.
  • They can present a range  of ideas for you to try on. You get to try it on to see what fits and what doesn’t and they can help to support you to tweak it until it fits you right.
  • They know how to mix and match to suit you, your food preferences, health and budget needs. They can adapt and provide alternatives so your food wardrobe truly fits you.
  • They recognise that flexibility and fun matter and can support even those with various health or situational restrictions. 
  • They don't expect you to stick to what worked last year and are happy to help you learn the tips and tricks to begin to play with your food.
  • They support you by providing guidance or referrals to other practitioners who may be more suitable.
  • Over time just like good stylists your nutrition professional can help you to learn the tips and tricks that will increase your confidence and capacity to know how to find the right pieces on your own but are there to assist as you need.

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