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Am I just making excuses

I'm intrigured by number of people who post about weight on social media, why such a need? 

The one constant is that no matter their background, their weight is only ever presented as a success. Think about it we don't really see or hear the other side….

SO, is there another side? Or do people really ONLY ever succeed and if we haven't then are we perhaps just doing something wrong?

There is definitely another side folks. And no you haven't done anything wrong. The diet failed, not you. 

Lets just stop and think about this industry for a moment. This industry that has been around for over 50 years. Do you recognise that its growing bigger? Can you observe how its growing more powerful, more manipulative, more influential and more profitable in the process? Now thinking about this industry can you notice all the messages we hear and see constantly about weight does this represent true success? Success to me means that weight is resolved completely with everyone at their perfect BMI, however that would actually put the industry out of business. They are not in business to go out of business. That's my point the weight loss industry has not gone out of business in 50 plus years. It's not even gotten smaller, hell it's not even stayed the same size, it's gotten BIGGER!!! So you might be thinking how can that happen? It happens because they are not in business to go out of business, I'm also going to go out on a limb and suggest that they aren't in business to help people get this. They are in busines to make money. They know they can make money by helping people get people thinnner, but they also know they just can't help people stay there. It's the perfect business model. Worse still in the process of helping people get thinner, they mostly make people bigger and perhaps even worsen their health. They shift the focus on the failure of the diet back to the individual who then is likely to feel feel guilt and shame. This guilt and shame is the perfect launch pad for advertising and marketing which creates the need to want to escape the feeling of failure and so the individual will  likely rush off and repeat the process over and over and over throughout their life. This is what makes the weight loss industry so profitable, lucrative, powerful and desirable. So more players enter the market, the messages become even more finally tuned to trigger the individual who will spend any amount of money to avoid feeling bad about themselves. There is some awareness that there are people that do succeed and this is enough to drive the belief to try again in the hopes they can be one of that very small minority that do succeed long-term. 

Why do we have such a black and white view of our bodies and of weight? Do people honestly feel more worthy, special, accomplished because they have managed to change their body that someone who hasn't?

What is also interesting is that if health is mentioned, it's also linked to weight as in I've lost weight and feel healthier. My question is could you feel healthier by you know just choosing healthier behaivours? I beleive individuals do have the right to pursue weight loss and the right to pursue that any way they choose, just as they might choose a particular brand of toilet paper or shampoo but not many people share those kinds of daily decisions. The natural response then of others is one of congratulations and endless likes. To me this reinforcement of the black and white thinking further serves to reinforce that these kind of personal decisions have some kind of moral value, but honestly do they? Are they anymore relevent to others than what toilet paper or shampoo you choose or what footy team you follow? These day to day discussions about how much or what they eat, the endless pictures of their diet food/shakes/equipment and the victory themed pictures of scales, tape measures etc are so common. But what is the message we send and the message that others recieve? 


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