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New Year New You BS

So many others have written about new years resolutions and the overwhelming focus on weight so this will be short. Phrases like "new year, new you", 'fit and fabulous", "best body", "transformation time" etc' appear ad nauseum everywhere from the media to advertising and in a big way from our friends. This pursuit is not confined to teenage girls but I’m seeing elderly women, men, children all joining in.

It’s the only industry that makes such huge promises and then blames the individual for the failure. This is business model that after 50 odd years has ensured this industry is not only lucrative but also expanding at almost breakneck speed. If it were really successful it should actually be out of business!!! The die-t industry used to be limited to products and services, now many other industries are all desperately trying to capture a share of this market from fitness, to medical, to surgical, to chefs and MLM’s – everyone seemingly having a solution to fix your body! Note: your body isn’t broken and doesn’t need fixing. Perfection is truly an illusion and the pursuit of it a dangerous and expensive past-time. That’s not to say we just give up. Far from it, rather pursue what is possible for you, in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable. Seek help from qualified professionals to help you if you need and know that you are already perfect in your imperfection. We are one of a kind and no apology is needed.

Here’s some of my fav’s discussing new years and resolutions:


I know there are definitely more and as I find them or if you want to share your favourites then I will add them.

I have also done these images to help remind yourself or share with others that die-ts fail and the only investment you need to make is in yourself.

what if this year

Have yourself a wonderful year you are awesome!

K x smiley


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