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Introducing Untrapped!

An Exciting New Program

I am so excited and proud to have been asked to be a part of and contribute to this new innovative program, UNTRAPPED, a 3-month masterclass to escape diet prison. This program is the bridge between body hatred and full embodiment; between restricting, food guilt, and bingeing to a relaxed and peaceful relationship with food; from exercise as punishment or payment to joyful, life-affirming movement. UNTRAPPED is a journey of deep and meaningful change. The program was developed and produced by the amazing Louise Adams and is based on her 20 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, drawing from weight science research, psychology, and Health At Every Size (HAES®) philosophy.

Why work with just me when you can work with all of us!

The big difference with UNTRAPPED is that it also incorporates the knowledge and experience of 12 other health professionals (including me) and each of whom are incredible leaders in the anti-dieting space. UNTRAPPED is a truly unique program as there is no other online space that offers you the opportunity to be guided by such a wide variety of specialist expertise across psychology, fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, self-compassion, research and acedemia. You won’t find this incredible depth of anti-diet knowledge anywhere else! And we’re all busting to work with you!

Personal Note: I honestly wish this had been around when I first came across HAES in 2006. The value of this program is incredible for the amount of content and the amount of learning from health professionals. Even though I know these experts personally and have been to their workshops, listened to or read their work, as well as talked, laughed and shared meals with them, I am still learning and going WOW at what is in this program.

By way of disclosure this is an affiliate program and while I do benefit financially when you sign up, as my thank you for having faith in this program you will get an additonal full one-on-one session with me valued at $100. 


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